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What To Expect During Your Visit

The Children’s Advocacy Center for the 31st Judicial District (CAC31) is a child friendly place where families will meet with professionals to provide assistance during the investigation of severe child maltreatment allegations.

Preparing Your Child

In order to help prepare your child for his/her visit with us, you should:

  • Tell him/her that nice people, whose job is to protect children, will want to talk to him/her.

  • Please don’t surprise your child with the visit. Give him/her just enough time before their appointment with us to prepare, but not too much time that he/she becomes worried.

  • Encourage your child to be truthful.

  • It is critical that you don’t question your child about the allegation or coach him/her on what to say.

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time and allow a couple of hours for your visit.  Your child must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  There will be intake paperwork and consent forms to complete.

Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a friendly face and acquainted with our Center.  Our waiting room is equipped with a television and adjoining play area filled with assorted books and toys to entertain you while you wait.  A dedicated Advocate will remain with you during your visit, they will help explain the process, answer questions and listen to your concerns.  Your child will speak with a specially trained Forensic Interviewer alone, while our Child Protective Investigative Team unnoticeably observes via closed circuit television.  The child’s interview will be recorded for purposes of investigation and matters pertaining to court. Members of our Child Protective Investigative Team will meet with you during your CAC31 visit to answer questions and explain the next steps. We want you and your child to be comfortable during your visit with us.

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